Weekend Warriors

Military thriller - 90 mins - in development


Capitalism is dead.

When training for war, there is no substitute for the real thing.


Christian Wilson is a product of the greed generation. Well educated, intelligent and ambitious. He has forged a lucrative career in the world of banking. But, unlike his peers, he doesn’t quite fit in, not least of all because of his desire to spend his free time serving with the Territorial Army.

During a weekend exercise in Wales, Christian and his team are ambushed. At first they believe the incident is part of the Regiments training plan but doubts start to creep in. As the team are interrogated and tortured, Christian realises they have been captured by a militant group of anti-capitalists whose ultimate plan is to bring down the global economy. In their eyes capitalism is dead. In order to survive, Christian needs to work out if he is part of the problem or the solution?


In development with John Cairns at Parkland Pictures (www.parklandpictures.com)

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