Terra Firma

Pilot for a Sci-Fi series.


Adult Sci-Fi Thriller Series


‘He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight’ – Sun-Tzu


A complex adult orientated Sci-fi thriller set in the midst of a civil war on Earth. This is Sci-fi with brawn, brains and heart.

In the near future, mankind has made contact with intelligent Alien life forms. Despite efforts by the Aliens to prevent conflict, Earth succumbs to all out war. At first, the Aliens look on as earthlings battle each other. On the brink of global destruction a peace keeping Alien Force arrive.

In a series of battles, the Alien forces crush the Earth armies and impose a fragile peace. An interim Alien Government is established with a view to arranging free elections. But the peace is short lived as terrorist/insurgent factions rise up. The Earth is torn. People crave peace and yet the terrorists/insurgents and the Aliens with their trained earthling armies slug it out for peace and power. Anarchy has replaced law and order.

This is our start point. This is not a plastic world with cardboard spacecrafts and rubber masked Aliens. This is tomorrow’s reality. A future docu-drama.